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Burglary prevention

After years of decline, thefts are on the rise again, police data shows. A burglary can never be completely avoided, but there are many things you can do to greatly reduce your risk. With more than 60,000 burglaries per year in the Netherlands, it is important to protect your home against thieves. The best burglary tips in a row.

This is how you keep a burglar out

SKG 3 Anti core pull cylinder

SKG 3 anti core pulling cylinders ensure that a burglar cannot drill out your cylinder. These are reinforced with a steel bridge. In practice, a burglar needs an average of 3-5 minutes to drill out your cylinder. They drill special screws into your cylinder and use a so-called cylinder puller to pull your cylinder in half and then open your door. Even if you have a safety multi-point closure! Do you have an SKG approved cylinder? Most cylinders have a stamp or hallmark on the front. Does this only include a brand or SKG 2 ? Then your house is certainly not well protected against burglars. And SKG 3 cylinders a good choice.

anti core pull door

But what if you prefer to use your current keys? Then an anti core pull door handle fitting is a good choice. You can then simply use your old keys. With an anti core pull fitting, there is a steel disc in front of your key hole that rotates with your key. This prevents a burglar from drilling into your cylinder. Another advantage is that a burglar sees that you have an anti-core pulling device, and skips your house.
Check out some tips in this video.


Our locksmiths are happy to help you. Request a free quote. Or make an appointment for an inspection. Our locksmiths come to your home and check your locks. And advise you what the best solution is for you. Moreover, our mechanics have almost everything in the services cars. From anti core pulling cylinders to anti burglary locks. So it can be placed right away. In most cases we install your anti-burglary measure for free.

What else can you do to prevent burglary.

In short, you can do a lot to prevent burglary, don't make it too easy for a burglar. Do you want to know how many burglaries are in your neighborhood or region? check out the crime map of the police here. Click here to join a crime prevention app. If you see something suspicious, it is wise to report it to the police. For example, burglars put small pieces of paper or sticks in your door to see if it is being used, and thus find out that you are not at home.

Anti burglary tips when you are on vacation.

If there is a break-in, call 112. If a door or window has been tampered with, or if your belongings are scattered and you are not sure if anyone is inside, call 112. If there is a break-in or attempted break-in our locksmiths will help you quickly. We replace your locks and repair the burglary damage. Prevention is of course better than the cure. Call today for a free quote or inspection.

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