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open car service

We are active in almost all of the Netherlands. So no matter where you live, there is always a locksmith  nearby. We are available 24 hours a day. Also on Sundays and public holidays! And employ our own professional locksmiths!

We Can Open Your Car Without A Key

How do I get into the car without a key? We often get this question. Forgetting, losing or leaving the keys in the car... this happens to all of us. But don't worry, it's easy to open and damage-free. You are not the only one who has had this experience. Fortunately, there is a method and special tools such as car locks and inflatable wedge pumps that can easily open a car without damaging the paint or sheet metal of the car! Almost all makes and types of cars driven in the Netherlands can be opened in this way.

Tips to open your car


Opening a car without a key is possible in a simple way with a coat hanger. This option is ideal if you have the car in front of your house. Everyone has a coat hanger at home in the closet or on the coat rack. Unfold the coat hanger and push it through the side window of the car's front door. Then hook the coat hanger behind the mechanism of the car's lock. It is important to do this way of breaking open the car without causing damage. This is possible by using soft cloths. By the way, this trick is easiest to perform on older cars that have a manual lock. With a newer car it takes a little more effort.


Shoelaces offer a solution for opening the car without a key. It can also be another string. The goal is to put a slip knot in the center so that the rope can be tightened later. Slip the end over the corner of the door and drop the knob onto the door handle. Then pull the rope to tighten the knot and break the car without damage. There are laces on the laces, and if the car is locked inside, that's no problem.


Forgot keys in the car? Even if you don't have any hangers, laces or cords nearby, that's no problem. With the help of the car's windshield wipers, the car can also be opened without damage. This option is especially useful if the doors are slightly open. Next, take the windshield wiper and make sure it goes through the crack. The windshield wipers offer the option to unlock the release button.


A screwdriver is a common tool to open a car without a key. The only downside is that damage can occur. Therefore, it is really a stopgap solution that you can use if there are no other tricks to open the car. Use a flat head screwdriver placed diagonally under the lock. Then you give the screwdriver a blow and the locks of the car open. Use a cloth that protects the paint to prevent damage. Only use this method in an emergency, there is a good chance that your car will be damaged. This method generally only works on older cars.

Let us open your car

Still prefer professional help, we are happy to help you. Our technicians are usually on site within 30 minutes to help you. We will only open your car in a damage-free manner. You will not get any damage to your car or paint. Your lock will not be drilled and your locks/keys will not be replaced. We have a fixed rate for a car to open in our work area, 99 Euro (ex VAT) and do not charge any call-out costs. You can easily use your mobile pin when your car is open. Call one of our technicians right away +31 682745651

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