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Are you lock out of your house? Call ☎ immediately for a locksmith or free advice. With workshops in multiple locations in the Netherlands, we are usually at your location whitin 30 minutes. So no matter where you live, there is always a locksmith nearby. We are available every day. Also on Sundays and public holidays! And employ our own professional locksmiths! No rush? You can also call for an appointment or a customized quote for one of our other services.

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  • Open locked house doors (Any type)
  • Open locked car doors (no damage)
  • At location within 30 minutes
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Install new cylinders and locks
  • Prices always clear

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Available every day
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LOCKED OUT from your car?

we will help you back in

Lost your key

Have you lost the key and the door is locked? This is of course very annoying. Fortunately, our locksmiths can help you quickly. If the door is locked, we will most likely have to drill out your cylinder. This sounds worse than it is. Our locksmiths do this every day and can do this very precisely. There will be no damage to your door. We have almost all sizes and brands of locks in our service car, so that we can immediately replace your broken cylinder. We are often at your door within 30 minutes. Our lock service is a household name in the Netherlands. The friendly lock specialists work expertly and professionally. Moreover, we are very affordable and fast. Lost your key, door locked? Then call immediately for our lock service. We like to help you.

Key broken in lock

A key that breaks off in a lock is a common problem. Usually this is caused by the use of a worn key or a cheap copy. Because of the wear of the key you have to put more and more force to turn it in the lock. Over time, the chance of the key breaking in the lock increases. You then have the problem that part of the key remains in the lock. This must of course be removed to be able to use the lock again. Call us and we will solve the problem quickly and professionally for you.


Left the key on the inside

Leave the key on the inside of the door? This can be very annoying. If the key is inside the lock, you are probably locked out. When you can no longer enter through another door it can be very frustrating. Did you leave the key in the door? Of course, our expert lock specialists know what to do with a key on the inside of the door. We will be at your door within 30 minutes. Our 24-hour lock service is a household name in the Netherlands. The friendly lock specialists work professionally and professionally. Moreover, we are very economical and fast. Leave the key in the lock? Then call our lock service immediately. We like to help you.

burglar broke into your house?

It is of course common, you come home and there is a burglary. The door and the lock have probably been broken open or a "double key" has been used. After you have called in the police it is advisable to call us to restore your locks. We will be on site immediately and give you the best advice to minimize the chance of a burglary next time. We will also immediately repair all damage to the door, no matter what time or on what day. We are always available.

Replace locks

Our mechanic arrives quickly to replace your locks. You have bought or rented a new house and you want to exclude that there are several keys in circulation. Most insurance policies also do not reimburse burglary if there are no traces of burglary damage. Or you have an old lock that doesn't work properly and you need a new and safer one. We have all the locks in stock and replaces your locks quickly and professionally.







we will help you back in

Locked out?

Have you been locked out of your home? Have you lost your key or are you unable to enter your home for any other reason? Our engineers can help you back inside. No matter what kind of door or lock you have!

Forgot your keys in the car?

We can also help you with this. we open your car quickly and without any damage.
(do you need new keys? for this you need to be at your brand garage)

Emergency service

Is there any rush? Our engineers are on site within 30 minutes to assist you.

Burglary prevention

Don't give burglars a chance and let our experts advise you on how you can secure your home according to the PKVW standard. Check all our tips!

Replace locks

Have you moved and want new keys? Our engineers can install new locks for you

Lock Repairs

Is your lock broken? Or is it no longer working properly? We can always help you with our own workshop

We specialize in opening locks and replacing locks. If you have locked yourself out or have a broken key in it, we always look for the best solution to open your door. Our professional installers also have various locks in their service cars so that they can be replaced immediately. We can also advise you on burglary protection. Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to or call  0682745651

How do I enter my car without a key? We regularly receive this question. Forget keys, lose keys, leave keys in the car ... it all happens to us sometimes. But rest assured, it is easy and damage-free to solve. In short, opening a car door without a key is our specialty. Breaking open a car seems very difficult, but the professional hands of our mechanics offer a solution.



Of course it happens we get a call and a re ask about our rates, and eventually a different locksmith is chosen, that is of course no problem! Watch out though with whom you are going to work, because lately many scammers are active who try to reassure customers by telephone with a small amount of € 20-25 call-out costs and on location a price is given because the locksmith doesn't know the situation (why can't these people give a price indication? We can do it too!) The internet is full of people suddenly having to pay € 800 after opening a door and the locksmith has already let the customer sign the invoice before the amount is entered! This is of course not the case with every locksmith. You do not want someone with some tools in a plastic bag to replace your locks do you? Or doing business with a company that later tells you: "we have outsourced the job to someone else and if there is a problem you need to call them."


Happy customers

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With more than 60,000 burglaries a year in the Netherlands, it is important to protect your home against burglars. To make burglars as difficult as possible, the Center for Crime Prevention and Security (CCV) has drawn up a number of tips to reduce the risk of burglary.



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